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Pricing and Promotions Policy

Effective Oct 24, 2018.

This Pricing and Promotions Policy includes all of the information on Our pricing, optional marketing programs, and promotions.

We will provide You notice via email or a notification on the gOOnstudy website prior to any material changes to this Pricing and Promotions Policy taking effect. If You have any questions on this policy, please email Our Support team using the form below.

All capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning as provided in gOOnstudy Terms of Use or Instructor Terms and Conditions (“Instructor Terms”). This Pricing and Promotions Policy is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Instructor Terms.

Any version of this Pricing and Promotions Policy in a language other than English is provided for convenience and You understand and agree that the English language will control if there is any conflict.


Selecting a Base Price 

As an Instructor, You may select a Tier governing the Base Price for Your Course from the gOOnstudy price tier matrix (summary of which is provided below). You can do so by going to the “Price Edit” screen in Your Instructor Account. Thereafter, Students will see the price selected, unless otherwise adjusted pursuant to the terms of this Pricing and Promotions Policy. This price tier matrix will be updated periodically according to market conditions or as exchange rates change. Notwithstanding, in connection with promotional programs, certain Courses may be priced at higher prices at gOOnstudy discretion

Except when a Course is made available through gOOnstudy Marketing Programs, or when a Course is offered on gOOnstudy mobile applications, an Instructor will be solely responsible for determining the Base Price to be charged for such Course, in accordance with the Instructor Terms. In the case of Courses offered on gOOnstudy mobile applications, the mobile platform provider’s pricing matrix will control and the provider will select the price tier that is closest to the Course price set by the Instructor. Please note that currency conversion on mobile platforms is controlled by those platforms and accordingly your Course price may appear as different than the pricing tier You selected.



As set forth in the price tier matrix, gOOnstudy currently offers students the ability to buy courses in the following currencies: American Dollar (USD), British Pound (GBP), Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Singaporean Dollar (SGD), Mexican Peso (MXN), Brazilian Real (BRL), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Israel Shekel (ILS), Thailand Baht (THB), Taiwan New Dollar (TWD), South African Rand (ZAR), Indian Rupee (INR), Polish Zloty (PLN), Turkish Lira (TRY), Norway Krone (NOK), South Korea Won (KRW) and Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

Revenue Share and Taxes :

As set forth in Section 9 of the Instructor Terms, We will pay You fifty percent (50%) of the Net Amount received for Your Course less any applicable deductions such as Student refunds (“Standard Revenue Share”). Should You decide to opt in to any of Our Marketing Programs, the relevant revenue share may be different, as defined for each program.

gOOnstudy makes all payments to Instructors in USD/INR regardless of the currency in which the Student transacts. gOOnstudy will assume all transaction processing fees, excluding foreign currency conversion.

When the country from which the Student purchases the Course requires gOOnstudy to remit Value Added Tax (VAT) or GST (Goods & Services Tax), We will deduct the tax amount from the Course Sale Price when calculating the Net Amount. The Net Amount will be split between gOOnstudy and Instructors under the applicable revenue share model.

Countries requiring VAT / GST currently include all European Union (EU) countries, the U.K., South Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, but gOOnstudy reserves the right to add additional countries to this list as necessary.

When applicable, gOOnstudy charges and pays European Union taxes for website purchases. In the case of mobile in-app purchases, European Union tax is collected and paid by Apple and Google respectively.

Revenue Report

Your revenue report will display the local Sales Price (in localized currency) and the applied exchange rates:


gOOnstudy Marketing Programs for Paid Courses

gOOnstudy gives Instructors an opportunity to opt into the following currently available marketing programs (“Marketing Programs”) via Your Instructor Account. To participate in any of these programs or adjust Your preferences, log in to Your gOOnstudy Account , then scroll down to the relevant program check each box to opt in, and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click save to apply Your settings. The specific deals may change from time to time to optimize Your revenue, but the most current deals will be below:

1.Goonstudy Deals Program: Targeted to Drive Sales of Your Courses. 

a) Millions of Students enroll in Courses every year through the gOOnstudy Deals program. Both of the promotional channels that make up the gOOnstudy Deals program are powerful levers to help You maximize Your revenue potential on gOOnstudy. The gOOnstudy Deals program utilizes highly segmented discounting via email and other channels designed to optimize sales of Your Course. You may choose to participate in either or both of the following programs, “Percentage Promotions” and/or “Fixed-Price Promotions”:

The “Percentage Promotions” program allows gOOnstudy to offer Your Course for a discount of up to and including 75% off the Base Price (or slightly higher for rounding off prices); and

The “Fixed-Price Promotions” program allows gOOnstudy to offer Your Course for a fixed price that is less than the Base Price, but no less than approximately $10 USD (e.g., $10, $19 or $29 deals) except in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Turkey and South Africa. Please note, the Sale Price under Fixed-Price Promotions may represent a discount exceeding 75% depending on the applicable Base Price.

b) gOOnstudy Deals program offers may be promoted via the Services, communications to Users, or Third Party Platforms. You understand and agree that the actual duration may vary for any specific gOOnstudy Deal program.

c) Revenue Share: By participating in the gOOnstudy Deals program, You acknowledge that (i) Your revenue share will vary, but may be up to 50% of Net Amount in most territories; and (ii) not all programs are available in all geographic territories.

2. gOOnstudy Marketing Boost Program: A Multi-Channel Marketing Program to Drive Sales of Your Course.

a) gOOnstudy is a Early Bird Rising which is planing to have a network of tens of thousands of partner sites (“Affiliates”) and established relationships with third-party deal sites (“Deal Partners,” and with Affiliates, “External Partners”). We also have an entire team dedicated to using advanced digital marketing tactics (such as paid advertising). The gOOnstudy Marketing Boost program is the gOOnstudy Marketing Program that promotes Courses through Affiliates and Third Party Platforms Deal Partners such as Facebook. There is no upfront cost to this program.

b) When gOOnstudy, at its option, purchases and places advertisements for Your Course on Third Party Platforms, and tracks the resulting sales through appropriate means (including, but not limited to, tracking pixels, cookies and the like) (“Paid Advertising”), there will be fees associated with such Paid Advertising activities.

c) Revenue Share: By participating in the gOOnstudy Marketing Boost program, You agree that gOOnstudy: (i) may employ External Partners and undertake Paid Advertising to promote Your Courses; (ii) not all programs are available in all geographic territories; and (iii) may deduct External Partner fees or Paid Advertising fees before calculating the Net Amount. You acknowledge that in connection with the gOOnstudy Marketing Boost program, Your revenue share may vary, but will be 25% of Net Amount in most cases.

3. gOOnstudy For Business Program: An Opportunity for Inclusion in gOOnstudy Subscription Offering for Businesses.

a) By applying for our gOOnstudy for Business program, You agree to make all of Your Courses eligible for inclusion in the gOOnstudy for Business collection, a subscription-based course collection available to business customers (“ Customers”). gOOnstudy may elect which of Your Courses to include in the gOOnstudy for Business collection for a Customer, and may change the selection of Courses in the gOOnstudy for Business collection from time to time, in its sole discretion, in response to the needs and requests of Customers. Because our gOOnstudy for Business offering is based on a subscription model, the Sale Prices for Courses included in the program are at gOOnstudy discretion.

b) You understand and agree that by participating in the program, You may not unpublish or make Your Courses private during the term of Your participation.

c) Termination. You can choose to terminate Your participation in the program at any time. gOOnstudy will remove Your Courses from the gOOnstudy for Business collection within six (6) months of termination and will continue to pay You revenue share based on the then-current rates until Your Courses are removed from the gOOnstudy for Business collection. Once your courses are removed from the gOOnstudy for Business collection, Customers will no longer be able to enroll in Your Courses and you will no longer earn program revenue share, but any student of a Customer who previously enrolled in Your Courses will continue to be able to access those Courses for as long as the Customer remains subscribed to gOOnstudy for Business.

d) Revenue. You will earn fees for consumption of Your Courses offered through the program.

These fees will be calculated as follows:

1. Each month, gOOnstudy will calculate the total monthly subscription fees paid by all current gOOnstudy Customers minus any applicable sales or value-added taxes, foreign exchange fees, and third-party payment processing fees.

2.Twenty-five percent (25%) of this amount will be allocated to Instructors participating in the gOOnstudy program (“Instructor Revenue Pool”) as further described below.

3. Each month, gOOnstudy will calculate the total minutes of course content in the gOOnstudy for Business collection consumed by all current gOOnstudy Customers (“Total Minutes Consumed”).

4. Each month, gOOnstudy will also calculate how many of the Total Minutes Consumed are attributable to each of Your Courses that were included in the gOOnstudy for Business collection that month (“Your Course Minutes”).

5. To calculate your revenue share each month, gOOnstudy will divide the Instructor Revenue Pool by the Total Minutes Consumed, then multiply that per-minute amount by Your Course Minutes.

This policy may be updated from time to time.

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