Why Should you learn JavaScript ?

JavaScript has become an essential web technology along with HTML and CSS, as most browsers implement JavaScript. Furthermore, JavaScript usage has now extended to mobile app development, desktop app development, and game development. All in all, it has exploded in popularity and is now a very useful skill to learn.


Each lesson builds on the knowledge you learned from previous lessons. We don’t skip steps.
Working with Event Handlers & Validations with Condtions
Go from a total beginner to an advanced JavaScript developer
 Drastically improve your ability to debug problems in Javascript.
 Get more done by learning how to debug and fix your code when things go wrong
Learn to apply concepts as you built real-world components.
Regular Expression, error handling localStorage & more
 Downloadable lectures, code and design assets for all projects



Course Curriculum

About Me FREE 00:02:00
Variables in JavaScript
Variables in JavaScript FREE 00:23:00
Students will Learn different Methods for creating Variables
Bug Fix Error For Variables 00:10:00
Here you will understand how to fix the issues in variable
Concat in JavaScript FREE 00:12:00
DataTypes in JavaScript
DataTypes in JavaScript 00:20:00
Operators in JavaScript
Assignment Operators in JavaScript 00:05:00
Comparison Operators in JavaScript 00:20:00
Arithmetic Operators in JavaScript 00:05:00
POST / PRE [ inc/dec ] Operators in JavaScript 00:16:00
Ternary Operators in JavaScript 00:13:00
Relational Operators in JavaScript 00:04:00
Logical Operators in JavaScript 00:05:00
Conditional Operators in JavaScript
IF Condition in JavaScript 00:16:00
IF & ELSE Condition in JavaScript 00:13:00
IF ELSE IF & ELSE ( Ladder ) Condition in JavaScript 00:18:00
SWITCH Condition in JavaScript 00:15:00
Looping Methods in JavaScript
While Loop Method in JavaScript 00:09:00
do-While Loop Method in JavaScript 00:08:00
For Loop Method in JavaScriipt 00:07:00
Arrays in JavaScript
Creating your First Arrays in JavaScript 00:18:00
Assign Own Index for Arrays in JavaScript 00:11:00
Associative Arrays in JavaScript 00:07:00
FOR IN Method For Printing String Arrays 00:11:00
Different Ways of Creating Arrays in JavaScript 00:10:00
Multi Dimensional Arrays in JavaScript
Multi Dimensional Array Part 01 00:23:00
Multi-Dimensional Array Part 02 00:07:00
Functions in JavaScript
Understanding the Function in Javascript 00:06:00
Function Without Parameter & Without Retrn 00:13:00
Function With Parameter & Without Return 00:16:00
Function Without Parameter & With Return Values 00:18:00
Function With Parameter & With Return 00:08:00
Arrays Built-in-Methods in JavaScript
Join Built in Methods 00:10:00
Concat Built in Methods 00:07:00
Sort Built in Methods 00:04:00
Reverse Built in Methods 00:05:00
UNSHIFT Built in Method 00:05:00
SHIFT Built in Methood 00:04:00
PUSH Built in Method 00:05:00
POP Built in Method 00:06:00
DELETE Built in Method 00:06:00
SPLICE Built in Method 00:10:00
String Built-in-Method in JavaScript
Normal or Basic String Built in Method 00:13:00
charAt() String Built in Method 00:05:00
charCodeAt() String Built in Method 00:06:00
fromCharCode() String Built in Method 00:05:00
indexOf() , lastIndexOf() String Built in Method 00:15:00
Search() & Match() String Built in Method 00:07:00
Trim String Built in Method 00:10:00
Slice() String Built in Method 00:10:00
Substring() String Built in Method 00:08:00
Substr() String Built in Method 00:08:00
Date Built-in-Methods in JavaScript
Date Methods in JavaScript – Part 01 00:03:00
Date Methods in JavaScript – Part 02 00:14:00

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  1. This was totally an amazing experience..


    As a complete newbie to web dev, I was overwhelmed with the prospect of getting my foot in the water. However, by keeping concepts at an application level, Praveens’s HTML & CSS 101 was the perfect soft introduction. Surprisingly, by NOT going into in-depth detail, his pedogogical style eliminated all preconceptions I had about how difficult starting this new journey would be.

  2. Great course for everyone (beginner to advance)


    The course gives what it promises. I completed the course in 3 weeks and made amazing applications. I really recommend taking the course. It covers all javascript concepts.

    TIP: do not waste your time figuring out the tools like npm and webpack because this course is not about those tools. Spend all your time on javascript because tools have great documentaion and used only a few times throughout a project. Good luck.

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